Crusader Kings II E-Book: A Fall of Kings

  • Производитель: Crusader Kings
  • Артикул: CKCK02BDI0000002


Описание и характеристики

The year is 1066, and the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of England stands upon the brink of destruction. The brothers Edwin and Morcar - the respective Earls of Mercia and Northumbria - unravel hints of a conspiracy that could tear the Kingdom apart even as it faces invasion from both north and south. Faced with a seemingly impossible task against foes in and out of the realm, they must struggle to unite the realm or face complete and total annihilation. A Fall of Kings is a fictional novel, based on the Crusader Kings II grand strategy game, set in an alternate timeline of our own history. Venturing down a path of possibilities, it explores what might have happened so many years ago and what those changes could have done to our history. Can England survive the largest invasion the islands has seen since the days of Rome, or will it be crushed by outsiders once and for all?


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